Comprehensive AI security processes

We offer comprehensive solutions for the security and peace of mind of your business.

  • Independent Navigation System with Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Flying AI Driven
  • Motion Registration – Live
  • Recognition of People and Animals
  • Communication with Ground Mobile Teams and Control Center
  • Self Recharge
  • Independent Human Flights

Best in class security Services

          AI-artificial intelligence controlled flight systems are part of new technological era and their invention, production, sale and use, which requires the creation of a synchronized system for their integration and work with application for various purposes. 

          Perform observations and analysis of the conditions of the land, forests, riverbeds, reservoirs, strategic sites and routes (gas pipelines, electricity networks, etc.)

Accurate analysis

Early disclosure,prevention and control of protected sites.  Ensures the safety of an object in a large-scale perimeter.


Visualization of events in real time, fast and accurate localization.

Protection and prevention

Reduces the monthly cost of physical security, eliminating the need for a large number of guards and patrols, as well as of subjective factor and circumstances for the impossibility of timely preventive action.

Real-time statistics

24/7 monitoring and response. Recording and storing real time data collected on remote servers. Registration of malicious intrusions and unregulated movements of persons.

Access control through face recognition

Venue Management Systems

Video Analalytics Based on Deep Learning

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Our Integration performs identification of ISO 6346 container codes, in logistic ports and handling cranes.

#1 for Sites of Strategic Importance

Our Approach

IPASS is a powerful tool that provides a safe and controlled environment with low, high and mass intensity (stakeholder flow).

It offers complete transparency of what is happening, both during mass events and in small and large administrative, industrial, agricultural and other environments of any economic setting

IPASS operates in the B2B market, providing various strategies and services aimed at meeting the company’s goals. It relies on its own proven and time-tested teams of developers, who have participated in the largest projects in Bulgaria, as well as, countries in the European Union.


Reading and extracting data

Multimodule System

Example, minimum age, level of access, authorized or unauthorized person, temporary access, visitors, customers, and more. In this case, scanners are used to scan an ID card, NFC tag, ID card, passport, or visa, and the result is processed in milliseconds, creating libraries in an archive.

Fast Reading

From any type of documents (passports, ID cards, driving licenses, visas, etc.) – as it checks whether visitors meet a requirement set by the organizer, the executive and the controlling authorities.